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A social board game for all ages

The aim is to get as many of your OLOs into your target zone. Use cunning techniques to outmanoeuvre your opponent and claim victory, but beware the death finger!

Local multiplayer

Play together on one device with friends and family. Play as an individual or in a team.

8 unique themes

Choose from 8 uniquely illustrated themes, each with their own bespoke soundtrack and sound effects.

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Official Honoree – Games

OLO is one of the classiest productions you’ll ever see on iOS, a minimalist multiplayer game that’s as achingly gorgeous as it is perfectly tuned.


Sennep’s all-ages masterpiece lets up to four players enjoy games that can be as casual or hardcore as everyone wants them to be.

App Store Editors’ Notes

A nearly perfect multiplayer game that’s as simple as it is beautiful.

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It’s amazing that how a very simple concept can be so entertaining and addictive, 10/10.

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